AM & PM Skincare Routine Tips To Know

Good Morning and Good Evening Beautiful Skin!

Lets all say yes to having healthy and beautiful skin twenty four seven. If you are wondering how to achieve it, then I am more than happy to provide the content that helps most women. Here are the steps that will boast your skin’s happiness. For the AM/Morning always make sure to use a cleanser no matter what type of skin you have. Then continue with a anti-oxidant serum for oily skin and an anti-oxidant moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin. The reason for using products that contain anti-oxidants are to protect us from the pollution in our environment. To name a few its the smog, cigarette smoke, pollen, diesel exhaust etc.. they can prematurely age the skin like the UV rays from the sun. So make sure that after you applied your serum (oily skin/combination) or moisturizer ( dry and sensitive) to add on a SPF of at least 30 to protect your skin through out the day.

For the evening time make sure to remove all of your makeup and even if you don’t wear makeup you have probably been out in about and need to wash off the dust, pollen, and pollutants. By skipping this step and going straight to bed by wearing makeup for example you allow the chemicals to clog up your pores. This in turn blocks the sebum from your face and instead leads to unwanted pimples. After removing your makeup and cleansing your face make sure to apply a vitamin rich, skin-repairing, anti-oxidant moisturizer and eye cream.