Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Anti-Aging

The aging process begins in your late 20s and early 30’s when the collagen fibers start losing their elasticity. If you are worried about aging and are not sure what to do, let my videos on anti-aging  guide you. I have accumulated all my skincare knowledge that talks about reducing fine lines to what ingredients work best.

1.Use wrinkle-reducing ingredients.  Find a serum that contains Vitamin C and E. These ingredients will help  fight the free radicals that can age skin, plus they make skin brighter and more hydrated!

 2.Keep your eyes youthful. The first signs of aging is noticed around the eyes because the skin is thin and delicate. Use an eye cream that includes glycolic acid and peptides. Also, wear sunglasses with UV protection.

3.Dealing with wrinkles AND acne? As we age, our muscle tone decreases and skin tends to look saggy(aka wrinkles). DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) is the precursor of acetycholine, which is a neurotransmitter that causes muscles to tighten and contract under the skin. Watch the video below to find out how you can add this ingredient to your daily skincare routine.

4.Treat dark spots immediately.  Not addressing those dark spots quickly can result in expensive treatments. With a doctors approval, use retin-a cream to remove and prevent dark spots.

5.Your hands can show your age too. Just like the skin around the eyes, the back of your hands can be one of the first indicators of aging. The skin is thin and should be cared for by exfoliating and moisturizing to prevent potential damage.

6.Have a good diet. Your skin can be an indicator of what is going inside of your body. By keeping a healthy lifestyle and eating the right kinds of food, your skin can maintain its natural glow and clarity. Stay tuned for clear skin smoothie recipes. Coming Soon!