Fabulous Tips For Anti-Aging Hands

The skin on the back of your hands is very thin and often times can indicate your age along with being very susceptible to damages like brown spots and scarring. I say, if you’re putting a lot of effort in your face flawless then you might as well share the same tlc to your hands.

Our hands don’t have much fat content so as we age our hands begin to wrinkle and veins dilate. Exfoliating the hands requires a smooth and gentle scrub to soften up the top layer of the skin. Moisturizing with a great hand cream is also detrimental because you to keep those hands hydrated and crack-free. One thing I do after applying my face creams is to use any left over product on the back of my hands.

Are you a frequent nail salon visitor? On your next visit consider a paraffin wax spa treatment that helps trap in the moisture to your hands!

However if your hands are beyond repair with these suggested remedies, the last resort is to look into laser technique services that can give the results you want. It’s almost like a face-lift for your hands without the surgery. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is another laser treatment that helps reduce the appearance of dark spots on the hands and again, theres no surgery involved.

So there you have it! Thanks for visiting my page.

Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer