Get Long, Healthy Hair with 5 Easy Habits

Hi Ladies,

As I promised, I am revealing my top five tips for achieving the healthy, long hair you’ve always wanted, and as a bonus you’ll notice an improvement in your skin and nails too!

Tip #1: The Daily Multivitamin

A daily multivitamin is the first habit every women needs to incorporate into her life to see results in her hair, skin, and nails. To make sure you are buying the best multivitamin I recommend checking the DV, which is the daily value of the vitamins and mineral content per/day. Plus I recommend looking for additional nutrients in a multivitamin like anti-oxidants. Most women will just take a Biotin supplement and think that’s the only vitamin needed for hair growth. Unfortunately, your hair needs all of the water and fat soluble vitamins in assisting its natural growth cycle.

Tip #2: Natural Oils

Natural oils are a must in flaunting your luscious locks. Since hair past our shoulders is a couple of years old, it requires help by applying natural oils. If you have thin and fine hair,  look for natural oils like jojoba and grape seed. These oils will replenish your hair with healthy fats and vitamin E without weighing it down. For thick and curly hair, your lovely locks need to be replenished with either olive oil, almond oil, or avocado oils. For all hair types its recommended to massage your scalp with castor oil, which helps with circulation.

Tip #3: Ditch the Heat

Avoid curling irons and blow dryers please! These gadgets are know to destroy our hair’s protein and deplete it of our natural oils. If you want to create a certain look like wavy hair, then just braid it overnight. If  you have frizzy hair and need to use a straightener then apply a heat protectant. Look for heat protectants that contain a high protein content for best protection.

Tip #4: The Hair Brush

Hair brushes are used every single day and our hair is asking for the best bristles. The best ones are made of boar bristles like those found in the Mason Pearson collection. Try your best to avoid using nylon brushes as they are know to irritate your scalp and hair.

Tip #5: Clarifying Shampoo

The last secret is using a clarifying type shampoo. These shampoos contain an apple cider type content. Clarifying shampoo’s help remove any type of build up from other products. By removing this build up your hair is able to breathe and grow more efficiently.