Get That Quality Facial At Home

Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer on how to get A Facial At HomeThese are always so much fun to do. Especially if you have a couple of friends coming over and having a beauty kind of day or night. So to begin this process always start with a cleanser, you can either use your own favorite product cleanser or make one at home. I prefer to take the time to make my own and when I mean time it only takes like 2 minutes to make.

Second step is to exfoliate: there are several benefits to exfoliation link reducing large pores, removing dead skin cells, aid in skin texture, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles leaving your skin feeling softer and fresh.

Third steam is steaming: I believe there are certain things in life we should invest in and thats a at home facial steamer. Its proactive and safe plus it helps remove toxins and impurities that get built up in your pores. For recommendations you can easily buy on amazon or ulta and buy a $35 dollar facial steamer.

I like to look at it like a juicer its a great benefit that helps the body feel more refresh and clean. Timing for steaming should be 7-10 minutes.

Fourth step is Facial Mask.

Remember each mask is made differently for different skin types. So in that case if you have dry or sensitive skin your best options are hydrating masks. If you have oily skin its best to use a clay based mask to help absorb all the excess oil.  

Fifth step: Moisturizing

Its super fun but a bit time consuming to make your own facial moisturizer so in that case. If you have a favorite moisturizer you can always add ingredients that will enhance its effect. For example if you have dry/sensitive skin you can add coconut oil. If you have oily skin type you need a water based moisturizer type.