Smoking: The One Thing Ruining Your Beauty

It’s abundantly clear that smoking nicotine cigarettes is harmful for your body and there’s really no way out of that. But did you know that it’s also robbing you from your youth and beauty?

One of nicotine’s side effects is insomnia, therefore the lack of sleep can take a toll on waking up with a fresh, rested face. Results can include bags under the eyes and a tired face.

The carbon monoxide that the cigarettes contains is the source that is making your skin dry and depleted of the nutrients it needs. What is does is that it displaces the oxygen in your skin and the nicotine reduces the blood flow.

Your hair is another part of your body that gets damaged as well. The DNA in the hair follicles are harmed which lead to the hair becoming thin and brittle.

Lastly smoking is aging you. It speeds the aging process by 1.4 years, according to studies.

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Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer