Top Skincare Ingredients You Should Use For Oily Skin + MORE

Each year tons of skincare products that are geared to anti-aging and acne fight solutions. My advice is not to fall for the gimmicks these brands often market to you – it all comes down to the ingredients that are proven to produce signs of healthy and graceful skin.

Tips for dry skin: While shopping for your next hydrating moisturizer be sure to keep an eye out on the ingredients for things such as fragrance that can further irritation. One ingredient to have is alpha hydroxy acid that comes from papaya enzymes since they help alleviate breakouts and provide healthy and radiant skin.

Don’t skip out on the anti-oxidants or cell-to-cell communicating ingredients either because it send a message to your skin cells look and act better.

Tips for oily skin: Beta hydroxy acid is beauty weapon included in many products to target unwanted bacteria that causes oily skin or acne. You can find this ingredient in face washes, scrubs, and sometimes moisturizers.

Tips for hyper-pigmentation:  Hydroquinone “turns down the volume” on melanocytes that are producing too much melanin that cause the hyper-pigmentation. Using hydroquinone only helps prevent future pigmentation so be sure not to fall for any gimmicks. Other alternatives are kojic and azeliac acid – these acid penetrate the upper layers of the skin and inhibits the production of epidermal melanin.

Tips for blotchy skin: Sticking to soft ingredients such as tea tree oil and chamomile oil nurtures the skin and helps provide an even skin tone.

Tips for age spots: Products that contain antioxidants are the best to pair your skin up. These vitamin c is an ideal oil or ingredient to apply to aging spots on the daily basis for the best results.

Thank you so much for reading and watching!

Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer