When To Update Your Skincare Routine In Your Teen’s, 20’s, 30’s + More

I believe that every person wants to have healthy, glowing, radiating skin. So the questions is whats the best skincare routine and when to update it?

So I did my research and found that every age group differs but has the same basic foundation in terms of skincare routine.

The basic skin care routine that applies to all ages is a good cleanser, exfoliant, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Now to go into detail with the different age groups, I will begin with the teenage years.

For teenagers who probably for the first time are experiencing acne, I recommend using a product that contains at least 2.5 % of Benzoyl Peroxide. The benzoyl peroxide is known to help kill the bacteria that causes acne. I recommend using it at least once a day in your daily routine. Plus make sure to start early with applying sunscreen everyday rain or shine. You will be so happy that you did because you will help prevent premature aging.

The 20’s are an interesting time when we are partying, in college, and transitioning into a career. With life being very transit at this time I find it so valuable to invest in a great eye cream that is hydrating, renewing,and vitamin rich. Also make sure that you are using the right exfoliant for your skin type, this is key because you will get the best benefits for your skin at such an early age. To make it easy and simple if you have oily skin using a product that contains beta hydroxy acid and if you have dry skin use  alpha hydroxy acid.

Moving on to the lovely 30’s were are skin starts to need a little bit more care. I recommend investing in a great dark spot corrector which will help photo damaged skin improve within 8 weeks of using on a daily bases. Also keep in mind that are estrogen levels start to change which affects are skin therefore,  I suggest consulting with your dermatologist if you need help in a certain area of your skin.

The 40’s and up are a time for the skin to fall in love with a deeply hydrating moisturizer for the night time to help the skin stay healthy. And for that extra advise again I suggest taking the time to visit your dermatologist for your individual needs.

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Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer